Top 6 Best JIS Screwdrivers (2024 Reviewed)

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Best JIS Screwdrivers

What are JIS screwdrivers?

Some of you might already have the question for yourself, what is it. This is the Japanese Industry Standard – is a Pacific Rim Standard used for “phillips” type for screwdrivers. This is not a Phillips screw but has a typical name called JIS screw. You need to differentiate these two things, which are quite confusing and easy to be mistaken. Read more: What is the Difference Between JIS and Phillips Screwdriver?

The JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) is in the sharp crossed shape. The Philips one is also in the shape of a cross, however, it is quite round and curly in the edges.

The recommended type, of course, you should have guessed is the JIS screwdrivers because there are few features that make this thing stand out:

The first feature is that the handle is very comfortable, which is the profound feature that one can choose the screwdrivers.

The second feature is the magnetic tip which makes it no more dropping screws. For those who have been using a screw without a magnetic tip, you will know how uncomfortable it is. With this magnet, you do not have to worry about dropping screws, which cost you a lot of time to pick it up while screwing.

The last feature is the impact driver built on impact models. This is a wonderful feature that works all well, however, it might be a stubborn fastener.

Best JIS Screwdriver and Set Reviews

The tip for you when choosing screws is to choose the best one with full three features, In which you can both choose the one that is convenient and long lasting over the course of time. There are a few best several screwdrivers as follows you should consult.

RW 0059-006 JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) Screwdrivers #1, 2, 3 (Set of 3) Small Medium Large Metric Full Tang Solid Shaft Screwdriver

This product is best among the top choices of screwdrivers with a reasonable price. This product has 3 screwdrivers in total. (1) with 75mm shaft, the (2) with 100mm shaft and (3) with 150mm shaft. These products are made up of Chrome Vanadium Steel.

The thing that distinguishes this product from others is that it has hardened screwdrivers which are magnetic. The best feature of this product is that it can perform with vintage machines. These are not easy to remove fasteners and do not slip out. As convenient as it is, there is no reason that you do not choose them.

Similar to the above, it is manufactured from RIFTWILD with 1,04 in weight. The dimension is 11.26 * 3.03 *1.38 inches.

Respectively, these products can be used with those targets:

#1 JIS Screwdrivers with 75 mm shaft are suitable for handlebar switches, electronics.

#2 JIS Screwdrivers with 100 mm shaft: with this medium size, it can be suitable for so many products, especially for all carb screws.

#3 JIS Screwdrivers with 150 mm shaft: It can be a wonderful part for all those large screws that work in the engine cases or body works.

In case you are a professional, this product is a re-engineered product that specifically used to eliminate cam-out.

The price is affordable, of course and can be reasonably worth buying. It is highly recommended by so many clients or customers all over the world. People who have used this product have confirmed it as the high quality screwdrivers or the greatest products that they have used.

Vessel Megadora 900 +2×100 JIS Cross Point Screwdriver (Original Version)

This screwdriver is a bit lower in price, which is only at USD 12. The thing that makes this product different from others is that it has the blackpoint finish with a cutting edge. The cutting edge is  [[(+)]] No.2. Shaft length (mm): 100. Total length (mm): 210. Special point is that it has the magnet at the edge. This product is made up from VESSEL CO. INC, which is one of the leading companies in this field and made up of Stainless Steel.

If you know the real benefits and pros & cons of this product, it is better that you hear from people who have used this product before. Mostly are negative reviews because the tip fits JIS perfectly that can easily be adapted and fitted with the screw without damage.

However, it is still not the best part of this product when it has the handle which is comfortable without slipping, even when you loose the tight screw. The thing is, it should not be mistaken with Vessel megadora New as well as Improved JAWS driver.

Similar to the one above, it has the black metal tip. This should be an essential tool if you have Japanese motorcycle or car as it is very convenient. Since it is a product of the Vessel brand, it is absolutely popular. Many people have given up their current products to buy this one and replace it with this Vessel Megadora.

Even though it is already lower than the first product, this is still a bit higher compared to other products but many people have claimed that it is worth every penny. This is also suitable for the wrenches.

Vessel Megadora 920 +2×25 Stubby JIS Cross Point Screwdriver

This product is the third one on the list with the size +No2. This product is 75 mm in length and the length of the shaft is about 25 mm. It is imported from Japan. And similar to the above, it is made up from Vessel Co., INC. This product is 0.32 ounces in weight, which is a bit lower than the above. This is also the same with the price, USD 11.74, rather similar to the above product. Normally, drivercrew is made up of steel, this product is a bit different when it is made up of Iron.

Many people have used this product to claim that it is perfect for tight space, typically suitable for motorbikes such as 94 MIata, Honda and Yamaha motorcycles. It is even good for cars as well.

Along with the great and positive reviews, this product comes along with a few drawbacks. Some might even want it to have the smaller diameter (the handle) so that it would help you to quickly turn screws. However, this is also the flipped side when the large diameter that has the high torque that allows for the cam-out strip.

Again with the relatively reasonable price, this product is worth the hype and is loved by many clients all over the world.

Moody Tools – JIS Type S Driver Set, 4Pc Pollicis – 58-0405

The fourth product on the line is this Bessel from Vessel. This product is higher than other products in price as it has the Pollicis Ergonomic and Anti-static Handles. It is made up of Chrome Vanadium Steel and is 0.01 ounces in weight. The manufacturer is the central Tools.

This product is perfectly fit for those who are seeking the precision tools, this is the perfect choice for you as it is very nice and precise. This product is very easy to magnetize as well as to de-magnetize.

This product is based on their own system of sizing which include 4.0mm and 3.0mm. Along with that, there are several characteristics of this product people mention such as the shafts are not plated and blackened. People can totally finish this in the middle of the road, however, the price is a bit higher compared to other products. But similar to all other vessel products, this one is worth buying, totally.

Hozan JIS-4 JIS Screwdriver Set (New 3rd. Gen) (Japan Import)

Unlike those mentioned above, this product is from Hazan manufacturer, which has 5,6 ounces in weight. Quite similar, it is made up of steel and polypropylene. This product is typically suitable for the micro. This product is quite similar to Phillips screws since they look all the same. However, there’s still a slight difference if you take a close look at the details. JIS have the little dot or indentation. They’ve done the job just fine as it is well-made.

People normally tend to buy these tools for their Honda mower, leaf blowers and snow blowers. The best part is that it has a comfortable handle. By this way, you can do things easily without irritation. For most people, this product can satisfy their needs and is practical.

Compared to other products, this one is higher, which is sold at USD 32. It is manufactured from Chrome Vanadium Steel, one of the most accredited companies. Also it is weighted 13.9 ounces.

Vessel 220 Ball Grip +1×75 (JIS) +1 Screwdriver 220-1-75

This product has the lowest price up to this point, which is sold at USD 7,00. It is 156,5 in length and has the specifications Magnet Entering. Also, it has a Bana Jewish system or the systematic hardening. It weighs 1.12 ounces with the .57 x 2.17 x 1.93 inches in dimension.

Some people might have mistaken it, this product is made from Thailand, not the Japan one. Those who have tried and tested claim that it is a solid, well made Vessel product not from Japan since it is imported from Japan. However, it is loved by clients all over the world and of course, Japan is not at all a problem.

This product is made up of Chrome Steel Bana.

Final Verdict

All of the listed products are the most popular screwdriver that one can ever find for the multi-purpose. Since they are all available on Amazon, you can just buy them online. Tip is to consider carefully your purpose with them and read the instructions. You will know which one to buy and it can never go wrong. It would both save you from time and money consuming. All those above are listed, they also have been tried and tested by so many people, widely all over the world. Due to this, the quality is guaranteed.